How job interviews are like a first date.

Everyone who has a job or is looking for a job knows the feeling when going on an interview. The butterflies start to move in the pit of your stomach and possibly a little anxiety. Somehow, it reminds me of going on a first date with someone (except there is no love involved). Let’s explore how these feelings feel the same.

Anyone who has looked for a job or a lifelong companion know their standards and what they’re looking for. When looking at employers, everyone wants to find one who is well respected and well liked by others. It’s funny to me how you look for specific things when going to work for someone. It is a relationship and sometimes can be a long term one. It’s important to find the right employer; one who treats you good, listens to you and makes you feel better about yourself. These comparisons are nothing shy of shocking to me because they both have a very close relationship.

When I search for a career, I look into Glassdoor and to determine what current or former employees are saying about the company. You get the good, bad and ugly. When I see these reviews, it tells me whether I would really want to work at this place. If I see a lot of poor reviews, I generally steer clear. I give the employer a chance if the job sounds interesting because there can be a lot which does not happen at a particular job site. I’m taken by the fact how reviews are generally close to accurate of the company. I just wonder if a lot of employers are reading these reviews and trying to make changes.

After finding the right employer, you apply. To me, it’s like walking up to a complete stranger and offering them your number. It is either uncomfortable or really nice and refreshing to have an opportunity. Applying for jobs is a very eye opening experience as well as vulnerable time. Some individuals really need to work to support their familes and others are trying to get away from their current line of work into a different one. The waiting game is always a side effect when putting yourself out there for others to notice you. 

You’re lucky if the employer calls you back in a matter of days. When they do call, it is exciting to say the least. You can hear in the recruiter or managers voice whether they love their job or not. Whether they’re interested in you being a part of their team, or if they’re just at work to get by. When the person you gave your information to calls you back, it is a great feeling when the both of you agree to meet up (in this case, an interview). The fun has just began once the interview is scheduled.

Now it’s time for the person to decide what they want to talk about and what questions they want to ask the employer during the interview. The person also practicies for what may be asked of them. Not only do you have to prepare, you need to clean your car, press your suit, clean your shoes, clean up your hair and or facial hair and get ready to go on your interview. It costs money to interview; like any date does. The time to drive 80 miles roundtrip and the time it takes out of your day to get their. Once you’re there, its time to relax and be as confident in yourself as you can be.

The employer is there to understand who you are, what you’ve done in the past and if you would be a good fit for the organization. Like a date, the other person is formulating their opinion of you as soon as they see you. During your conversation, the employer is listening for key items as well as trying to understand the situations you’ve experienced. You’re lucky if they’re impressed with your credentials and past experience. Oftentimes, there may be someone better than you who has more qualifications and experience. Or maybe the other person just fits better with the company. Whatever the case may be, rejection hurts and puts you down. 

Like dating, rejection can do one of two things: A) Make you curl up into the fetal position and cry (as well as quit trying), or B) Keep trying and keep applying. Perseverance is very important when looking for work. I’ve had my fair share of rejections and denials, but I just pick myself back up and keep going. Yes, I hurt as well and get down about it but I feel there is a company out there who is looking for me. It’s a roller coster of emotions to have to interview or go on dates. There is money and feelings involved before anything is even set in stone. 

There is no better feeling than when the offer comes through. Once you except, you tell all your friends and coworkers about it. You also update social media so everyone can know you’re taken. I chuckle to myself about the distinct similarities both interviewing and dating have in common. I realize how life takes you in different directions and usually has bigger and better plans for you after you’re passed up on the opportunity. Life moves on and you continue to work just as hard to find the  one true……career. 


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